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Compassion CATs

When you donate to Green Wings Compassion, you will receive a thank you gift, in the form of Chia Asset Tokens!  

Collect and trade Compassion CATs now, and trade them for Green Wings NFTs in the future.

Green Wings NFTs

Green Wings NFTs are flying creatures living on the Chia blockchain. Each one is unique, and some are more rare than others. Because they are fully-rigged 3D characters, Green Wings are future-proof  metaverse-ready, virtual assets.


Green Wings NFTs are part of a whole metaverse of experiences.

You can explore our Compassion Land online beta, which allows you to browse with your own Ready Player Me avatar.

Soon™️ you'll be able to use our mobile AR app to configure, trade and play with Green Wings NFTs in your own home.

Compassion CATs


Founder's Edition
Token ID:  d70405cf559b92cf4a180acb549c6655f1a33b47cc0f2a5c074b5cad2ac279ea

Donation Amount per CAT: $5
Total CATs: 10,000
Campaign Total: $50,000  

The Founder's Edition Compassion CAT offering is the first, and therefore the best value per donation dollar.



Friend's Edition
Token ID: 2699c42854c2ec67359a4e69f113068aa3e2277c63b74ffbd21234f2c52cc35b

Donation Amount per CAT: $10
Total CATs: 10,000
Campaign Total: $100,000 



Hero's Edition
Token ID:  e51debfbd903edbddff594bb2f7b505d663774169fb7b619615731befe46b5b5

Donation Amount per CAT: $50
Total CATs: 10,000
Campaign Total: $500,000 



Angel's Edition
Token ID: 904d4db5e209f180c534152c1f82a6688d03dffc3029a9002fbd06c45ee6c1ef

Donation Amount per CAT: $100
Total CATs: 10,000
Campaign Total: $1,000,000 


Green Wings NFTs


Green Wings

Green Wings are NFT creatures you can collect. Each is unique, but some of them are more rare. That's right, some of these cute little Green Wings have Laser Eyes and Laser Horns!

We will have more details about the NFTs soon, but for now, please enjoy our interactive WebGL sneak peek!


  • 40K


    There will only be 40,000 Compassion CATs minted. 

    They will be given out in four Compassion CAT editions of 10,000 each; Founders, Friends, Heros, and Angels.

  • $5- $100

    Founders get the best value

    Founder's Edition: $5 per CAT 
    Friend's Edition: $10 per CAT
    Hero's Edition: $50 per CAT
    Angel's Edition: $100 per CAT

    All Compassion CATs will have equal value when buying Green Wings NFTs! 

  • 80%

    For balancing social equity

    80% goes to Green Wings Compassion, which is focused on balancing social equity. 

    You can find more detail on our programs page.

  • 20%

    For non-profit charities 

    20% goes to one of four non-profit charities;  the SF Marin Food Bank,  Pollinator Partnership, Maitri SF, and for supporting animal wellfare.

    You can get more detail on our Compassion CATs page.



Earth Day, 22/04/22  

The Founder's campaign started on Earth Day, April 22, 2022.

Each subsequent campaign will start after the one before it has run out of Compassion CATs.


Chia NFT support

The first NFT0 was minted on Chia's Testnet on May 15, 2022!

We are eagerly awaiting the formalized NFT standard. Once we can release our Green Wings NFTs, we will.


Green Wings NFTs

The only way to get Green Wings NFTs is with Compassion CATs. 

Compassion CATs from all of our campaigns will have the same value when used to get Green Wings NFTs. 

About Us

Green Wings Coin Giveaways

We minted the Green Wings Coins to encourage onboarding of new Chia users and as in-game currency for Compassion Land.

To receive free coins: 

1) Set up a free Chia wallet. See ChiaLinks.com's wallet list for options.

2) Copy your Chia Receive Address and reply to us on our social media giveaway posts with it. Don't worry, it's trustless, free, and secure, thanks to Chia!

Let's have fun, and we'll see you soon, in Compassion Land!

Team Green Wings

The Green Wings Compassion team is working on multiple projects, including solving community issues with Chia blockchain.

Green Wings Compassion is a 100% non-profit organization, and you can find more about us on GreenWingsCompassion.org